Global Education & Training Exhibition (GETEX)-Dubai, as the leading education fair in the region which serves as an efficient platform for all educational institutions to meet their enrolment quotas and admission targets. It provides the effective platform for qualified students by offering a complete 3-day event, dedicated to facilitating student placements in higher education institutes participating from more than 80 countries including USA, UK, Australia, Turkey, Malaysia, Indian, Germany, Canada, Hungary, and Georgia. It is connecting 500+ Global exhibitors with more than 25,000 walk- in students, their parents, and aspiring professionals from across the middle east. It broadly encompasses general education, higher education, professional development, and vocational training.

  • •  Foundation courses
  • •  Diplomas
  • •  Undergraduate programmes
  • •  Technical and occupational courses
  • •  Master and doctorate programmes
  • •  Skills training
  • •  General education
  • •  Corporate and management programmes
  • •  University entrance exams and standardized testing
  • •  Student counselling and career advisory
  • •  Residential schools
  • •  Postgraduate programmes

GETEX is a prominent education exhibition that serves as a platform for educational institutions, universities, training providers, and industry professionals to showcase their offerings and connect with students, parents, and education enthusiasts.


GETEX aims to provide a comprehensive platform for education and training institutions to connect with potential students and learners.


  • •  Educational Institutions:Universities, colleges, vocational training providers, and other educational institutions participate to showcase their programs and courses.
  • •  Training Providers: Organizations offering specialized training and professional development courses.
  • •   Industry Professionals: Experts and professionals in various fields of education and training.

Key features of GETEX typically include:

  • Exhibition Stalls: Educational institutions and training providers set up exhibition stalls to showcase their programs, courses, and services. This allows attendees to gather information and interact with representatives. Attendees have the opportunity to explore a wide range of educational options and gather information directly from institutions.
  • •  Seminar Sessions: GETEX often includes seminar sessions and panel discussions covering various topics related to education and training. These sessions may feature industry experts, educators, and professionals.
  • •  Career Counseling: The exhibition provides a platform for career counseling, where attendees can seek guidance on choosing the right educational path and career options.
  • •  Networking Opportunities: GETEX facilitates networking opportunities for attendees to connect with educational institutions, potential employers, and industry professionals.
  • •  Workshops and Demonstrations: Some editions of GETEX may include workshops, hands-on demonstrations, and interactive activities to provide a more immersive experience for attendees
  • •  Job Fair: In some cases, there may be a job fair component where companies and employers present at the exhibition can connect with potential candidates Participants can engage target audience and set the groundwork for successful secondary and senior secondary student conversions and enhanced marketing awareness with the aid of the most promising student recruitment show.

Benefits of recruiting students in GETEX:

  • •  Convert student applications into enrolments
  • •  Build lead generation
  • •  Form meaningful connection with students
  • •  Tap into student diversity
  • •  Establish your brand in the local market

The participation will provide high-return, impactful solutions to fill up your classrooms, generate student data and network with the regions’ active education community.

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